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about rova

Grandma Kuchar.jpg

In 1927, my grandmother, Mary Machalova, left Czechoslovakia at the age of 16 for a new life in the United States.  She made the journey by boat through Antwerp to New York City with her 18 year old brother not knowing a lick of english.   Her bravery is a constant inspiration to me and is the basis of our name, Rova.  It was common for Eastern European immigrant women to drop the "ova" from their name and so she became Mary Machala.  Similiarly, her future husband's family changed Kucharova to Kuchar. 


Rova is about making brave choices.  This collection of products isn't afraid of bold color and unique style.  Sourced from the companies we use often at Kuchar, you can now shop our look and bring our style into your home.  Everything we have collected works together so I invite you to mix, match and be brave in your home decor!

-Sarah Kuchar, Owner

Antwerp port of emigration

Sarah stands at the Antwerp port where her grandmother emimgrated, 90 years prior.

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