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Get to Work: Three Ideas for the Home Office

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

With the pandemic forcing many of us to work full time at home, the home office setup has become a much more important part of the house. Whether you have a room in your home dedicated to an office space, or are working from your dining room table, ergonomics and efficiency are equally important. Below is inspiration no matter what your #wfh setup entails.

Desk within a bedroom:

If you're working within a bedroom or studio, it's important that the furniture matches the room and feels like it's meant to be there. In this scenario, we recommend a stylish desk and chair. Also, if you have wall space, consider interesting shelving that can be used for work related items, as well as styled with frames and personal items.

Items to consider:

Dedicated home office:

If you have a room in your home dedicated to a home office, we recommend making your setup ergonomic and also stylish. Make it a room you WANT to be in. Consider adding drapery to your windows, a color to the walls and storage that is both functional and beautiful. Add art to walls that you look at or one of our grow frames to bring greenery into your view.

Items to consider:


Do you move around your house during your work day? If your desk is your dining room table, the back deck and the sofa, you can still create a great work setup. We recommend adding items that can easily be put away at the end of the work day. Look for wireless chargers, mobile storage cabinets, and additional pieces of furniture that help you work more ergonomically. If you're using your sofa most often, look for a small laptop table that can also double as a side table when not in use.

Items to consider:

Looking for extra help with your home office? We offer digital interior design services no matter where you live - check out Kuchar's services here!

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